NCVIEW/NCVIEW Neo 2018 Release Notes

New Features Overview

Expanded the tool length optimization.m_neo

Expand to optimize the tool length in consideration of Jig.

release2018-1 release2018-2

Expanded the movement of the slant rotating axis.

Simulation for the machine which has the slanted rotating axis is expanded.


Expanded and improved the Drilling report function.

The drill check function is expanded to perform the drilling inspection easily.

  • Expanded the coordinate value display of the report output
  • Regulated the report output order in processing order
  • Regulated the drilling direction of the report output

Expanded the model comparison function.m_neo

  • Improved judgement precision of overcut and uncut
  • Modified output message after Model comparison

Expanded the workpiece recorder (workpiece auto-save) function.m_neom_solidm_multax

The workpiece can be automatically saved when main program is finished.

Added to support OSP WHILE, DO, END macro command.


Added to support MULTUS TD command for Tool change.


Added to support FANUC Drill cycle for lathe. (201205006)

The following machine command is added. Please refer to NCVIEW Help for the command.

  • L_CYCLE83  Gcode
  • L_CYCLE84  Gcode
  • L_CYCLE85  Gcode
  • L_CYCLE86  Gcode
  • L_CYCLE87  Gcode
  • L_CYCLE88  Gcode
  • L_CYCLE89  Gcode

Added to support to specify the return point for the fixed cycle for lathe. (201505004)

The following machine command is added. Please refer to NCVIEW Help for the command.


Main Improvements and Modifications

  • Fixed the shape of the taper tool and the ball taper tool. (201704006)
  • Fixed Lathe offset system variables on FANUC.
  • Fixed required tool length in Milling tool settings.
  • Fixed measurement result of arc. (201612016, 201705011)
  • Fixed tool diameter path view filtering. (201705004)
  • Fixed a problem when using FANUC PCODE variables. (201705007, 201705011)
  • Fixed DXF file input of user defined tool. (201705008)
  • Fixed mouse pointer behavior on message dialog. (201705003)
  • Fixed action after the machine coordinate system.
  • Fixed the collision detection of the workpiece and the attachment, VM machine parts.m_neo
  • Fixed motion after tool position compensation. (201612017)
  • Added setting to cancel tool position compensation during return reference point. (201705012)
  • Fixed user defined drilling type interference check function. (201707002)
  • Fixed skip operation. (201707003)m_neo
  • Fixed motion of lathe complex fixed cycle during nose R compensation. (201702008)
  • Fix to include attachment shape file during ZIP compression.
  • Fixed to edit the NC data including the fullwidth character.
  • Fixed to read the unjust NC data.
  • Improved the message indication contents during tool diameter compensation.
  • Improved the operation for setting all breakpoints.
  • Improved the processing time of several fixed cycle. (201703005)
  • Improved continuous pick function.m_tool
  • Improved detailed view of displaying XY-plane.m_neo
  • Improved the bookmark function for NC data display.
  • Improved the collision detection of the arc interpolation.m_turn
  • Improved the cutting history report when using the batch function. (201706005)
  • Adjusted NRC parameter of the cycle for lathe.
  • Adjusted not to fail the acquisition of local license in Windows10.
  • Adjusted other details and the malfunction.

List of Support Reception Numbers

201005005, 201409009, 201507003, 201507007, 201509002, 201603001, 201603002, 201603005, 201604007, 201604007, 201605004, 201605006, 201605007, 201606007

Operating Environment


< NCVIEW / NCVIEW Neo 32-bit Version >
Windows 10 / Windows 10 64bit
Windows 8.1 / Windows 8.1 64bit
Windows 7 / Windows 7 64bit
※Also operates on 32-bit if installed on a 64-bit OS.

< NCVIEW Neo 64-bit Version >
Windows 10 64bit
Windows 8.1 64bit
Windows 7 64bit

Memory 1GB or higher recommended
CPU Multi-core recommended
Graphics NVIDIA recommended