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Metal Machining: Goldmine of Expertise

It is a common misconception that if you can create an NC path machining is easy, but the diversity of cutting materials means that for many, the nature of the workpiece must be considered: not only whether hard or soft, but whether fragile or sticky, or whether swarf production is good or poor.
The ability to cut to control tool flexure and chattering, force emission of swarf, prevent burrs, bore deep holes with precision, and maintain the life of the tool requires quite a lot - indeed, a goldmine - of expertise.
Research is underway to apply the deep goldmine of our expertise to cutting simulation.


Machine Tools and Robots

The deployment of industrial robots to the field of machining has begun.
Considering the difficulty of metal machining, full-fledged implementation of robots may still seem far ahead. But humans are likely to be replaced with robots in tool setting, workpiece positioning and other operations performed by people.
Cimple Technology continues to advance the cutting edge of basic research in robot simulation.