NCVIEW/NCVIEW Neo 2017 Release Notes

New Features Overview

Tool path drawing setting function has been renewed.

The tool path to be displayed in the view is filtered by the tool number and the work coordinate system, and the like. Tool path you want to see can be display instantly by simple operation.

  • The following items can be filtered by this function.
    • Tool number
    • Workpiece Coordinate System
    • Plane
    • Interpolation mode
    • TOOL offset mode
    • Operation
  • Multiple filtering items can be selected.
  • The filtering items can be set in each view.
  • Items in the tool and work coordinate system of the tree can be displayed only for items that have been simulated.


STEP file input function has been newly supported.

STEP file input function is supported. A more accurate model can be entered by manipulating tolerance and angle.

STEP file input function can be used in the following functions.

  • Shape definition of Attachment.
  • Shape definition of VM component.
  • [STL operation/ STEP read] dialog.
    • Preview.
    • STL file can be saved by loading STEP file.

release2017_2 release2017_3

The combination holder is newly supported.

Holder type to define a combination of the holder. New holder can be easily defined by combining the holder in the holder list that has been defined.


VmManager has been updated to version 1.2.

  • The component placement function has been supported.
    The component can be placed by the mouse pick.
  • STEP file Input is newly supported.
    STEP file can be used as the component shape.
  • MSFX file for drag-and -drop is newly supported.
    MSFX file can be loaded by dragging and dropping to the shortcut or window of VmManager.


The method of time display can be selectable.

The method of time display for the process flow, the cutting history report and status display can be selectable.


The workpiece cross-section view function has been supported in VM. m_neo


The tool path cross-section view function has been supported in TOOLwatch. m_tool


The drill cutting edge length can be entered in drill tool setting.

Tool diameter, tip angle, the cutting edge length is calculated automatically in accordance with the following rule.

  • When entering the cutting edge length, the tip angle is automatically calculated by keeping tool diameter value.
  • When entering the tip angle, the cutting edge length is automatically calculate by keeping tool diameter value.
  • When entering tool diameter, the cutting edge length is automatically calculate by keeping the cutting edge value.

The workpiece coordinate system can be set in workpiece jig setting dialog.

The workpiece coordinate system can be set by checking the workpiece cognate system origin in the preview.


Heidenhain tool radius compensation is newly supported.


Heidenhain CYCLEDEF19 (machining plane) is newly supported.


FANUC16/18/30 Turning fixed cycle (G90/G92/G94) is supported.


Workpiece Coordinate System can be selected for the alignment the model comparison. m_neo


The phase of C-axis can be specified in setting the definition for the fixed STL.


The value of axis machining setting, workpiece coordinate system and the rotation center of the table can be set by formula expression.

Formula can be entered in the list items and [X/Y/Z] box. The calculated value is displayed by pressing the [Enter] key.


Main Improvements and Modifications

  • Fixed subprogram call on MELDAS.(201604007)
  • Fixed editing current tool.
  • Fixed program number display.
  • Fixed the error output of project file read.
  • Fixed NC data display, when configuring simulation start program number is selected.
  • Fixed processing NC data that contains Japanese characters
  • Fixed the display of tool settings list, and registered tool window.
  • Fixed the motion of PLANE SPATIAL on Heidenhain.(201603005)
  • Fixed the message output of “Spindle is not rotating”.(201603001)
  • Fixed 2D coordinate transformation on OSP.(201603002)
  • Fixed a DXF file input of DXF drawing display.(201605007)
  • Fixed the reading of machine file that contains a double byte space character.
  • Fixed model comparison display. m_neo
  • Fixed a SWP file input.(201605006)
  • Fixed model comparison of the rotated workpiece. m_neo
  • Adjusted the turning process.
  • Fixed offset values read from tool file.
  • Fixed Status Display, XYZ (workpiece coordinate).
  • Fixed tool diameter path view.(201606007)
  • Fixed FANUC system variables (current position).
  • Fixed DXF output for tool path.(201507003)
  • Fixed the C-axis rotation movement in Heidenhain PLANE SPATIAL.
  • Fixed display of NC data which contains extremely long blocks.
  • Fixed TOSNUC IF statement.
  • Fixed TOSNUC modal call for subprogram.
  • Fixed FANUC system variables for Lathe offset.
  • Fixed reading Machine File for Siemens and Heidenhain.
  • Fixed a bug in Registered Tool Window.
  • Adjusted the animation of circular interpolation
  • Fixed the pick process after the old format MSF file conversion.
  • Supported “step over and step out” in Heidenhain.
  • Supported thread cutting of FANUC G76 Complex thread cycle. m_neo
  • Improved mouse cursor display in the pick mode.
  • Improved the update timing of the message window toolbar
  • Fixed the ball taper tool shape (201409009)
  • Improved the pick accuracy of jig · chuck · VM.
  • Improved the collision detection of inner turning tool (201005005)
  • Improved DXF file input processing.(201507007, 201509002)

List of Support Reception Numbers

201005005, 201409009, 201507003, 201507007, 201509002, 201603001, 201603002, 201603005, 201604007, 201604007, 201605004, 201605006, 201605007, 201606007

Operating Environment

OS < NCVIEW / NCVIEW Neo 32-bit Version >

Windows 10 / Windows 10 64bit

Windows 8.1 / Windows 8.1 64bit

Windows 7 / Windows 7 64bit

Windows Vista SP2 later / Windows Vista 64bit SP2 later

※Also operates on 32-bit if installed on a 64-bit OS.

< NCVIEW Neo 64-bit Version >

Windows 10 64bit

Windows 8.1 64bit

Windows 7 64bit

Windows Vista 64bit SP2 later

Memory 1GB or higher recommended
CPU Multi-core recommended
Graphics NVIDIA recommended

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